November night

One day I left my physical instincts to get outside whitout being persecuted by the rationality
Went to a night club,
Danced alone
Danced with someone shorter than me who smiled noticing I wasn’t wearing high heels

“Let’s take some shots”
“Cool. Let’s go”

Bitter alcohol slowly fondling my last trace of lucidity
People getting crazy, out of control, out of any sign of conscience
Lost in the darkness of carnal desires
A little cold water, some deep breaths and that’s it
Back to normal

I got there, in the middle of chaos looking for the two drunk and lost friends
He invited me to dance
A tender touch of lips
Just a kiss with no emotional depth

I was there, totally present, totally lucid
Totally indifferent

Went outside in the coldness of the late autumn
There was nothing to feel, nothing to think
Absent from what have happened

Just a kiss under the effects of alcohol
With no consequences, no drama, no nothing…



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