I’ll come to stay!

DSC_0009.jpgA month from now I’ll be gone

Shall I cry?
Shall I dive in my sadness?

No, I’ll just be grateful and optimistic
I’ll leave, but I’ll keep all this treasures in my heart
I’ll remember it all
Or maybe I’ll forget

Because the most precious lesson in life is to learn how to let it go
Everything…love, people, memories…everything
And just keep what they taught you

It will be infinitely hard
Every day seems like I give up on a part of me, the good one
And every fragment leaves a deep feeling of emptiness
Like saying goodbye to someone you still love
Like passing by touching the surface of a dream and being brutally driven away

Maybe someday I’ll come to stay
But for now I’ll embrace every piece of time
Every street corner
And every human being…


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