Dear yesterday or last year,

I’ll remember you as the greatest explosion of my existence.
A year of changes and life lessons which built up the today me

I remember exactly how it started
Some days in Moldova, an eternity in Cluj-Napoca
The lovely trip to Sibiu and the adrenaline experienced on a snowboard in that stormy day of February
The beautiful spring in Cluj and the  existential crisis
A dream reflected in a ticket, Romania-Spain, 27 of March 2016, and that crazy feeling to see them all on the field in red uniforms exactly how I saw them once on the TV
First words articulated  in Spanish
The Excel document containing my name and that simple word “accepted”
The colorful return home
The warm beginning of the summer
Impulsive decisions ending up with magic memories like going to Bucharest in a bus full of crazy football funs
The escape from the tensions of the exams and my first trip alone

A summer full of challenges

The fairytales of Brasov
The nights without sleep, cold rains and the eternal tram’s rides
The intensity of the last days of august
Last hug and tears running on the checks
And then the flight, the km between us

I’ll remember the first adventure
The first attempts to get used to the underground monster
The metro seemed a strange world where people were always in a rush, with expressionless eyes and impermeable thoughts.
I’ll remember the people I met, the way they looked at me and their incredible openness
The trip to Portugal, the beauty of Lisbon and the nostalgia of Porto
The courage I had when it wasn’t necessary and the lack of it when it was crucial
The failures, the important decisions, the lucky coincidences
Naivety and ignorance, admiration and aversion…all of them I’ll remember

Thank you, life, for one more year!


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