Undress you

What I’ll miss the most?

I’ll miss the people I never met
Places I never visited
Words I never understood
Names I never remembered
Chances I missed
And invitations I refused

I met Spain through the eyes of 20 years old youngsters with the passion and energy
and then at 24, with a different kind of ardor, one for art, for life and for the simplicity of being
through the wrinkled eyes of elders who learned to share a little of their love even with strangers

I met the Spain seen by people like me, coming from a different background, with different values and understandings
A Italian with Latin rhythm in his blood
A Colombian valuing his traditions
A British not understanding much of the Spanish craziness
A Romanian just adopting to what it is
A German feeling the vibe and moving along it
A Mexican embracing the coldness
A Peruvian missing the savory of the national food

I met a little fragment of what Spain could mean, but one day I’ll return to discover all of it!


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