Learn to say YES to life

A totally different way of being adopted for 5 months became a part of what I call me
I didn’t change too much
I still drink a lot of tea at any hour of the day or night
Still love to have candies at breakfast, lunch and dinner
Still act like a child when I am excited or nervous
Still get late to the meetings and wait for the deadline to finish something
I am just as I was before
But something is different

I’ve learned that what separates us from what we dream is just a simple thought
And sometimes is enough to make a step to get there
Or to build your path with patience and faith

I’ve learned that people are amazing beings
With a simple “Hola” you can discover a nice story behind two sparkling eyes

I’ve learned to have courage and to never renounce on my craziness
To grab something sweet and get in a train
To take unknown roads and make them part of a memorable story
To spend time with absolute strangers without thinking of what is to come
To ask a boy out and share some deep thoughts
To fall inlove for seconds and then forget

I’ve learned to be a little happier than before and to have courage,
To let myself moved by the flow and upheld by the wind


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