I’m ready to start it again

I decided to become an adventurer and to start with the place I have grown up

Moldova was never something “mine”
Nor it inspired me
Nor it gained my heart

Moldova made me wish to escape
Its air
Its time
Its physical and mental borders

How is it to return after so many changes?

One day I opened the front door of my heart
Put two apples in the backpack and went out

I felt like giving a chance to myself from the past
An attempt to complete the empty spaces

Got lost through Chisinau’s streets
Innocent bubbles of happiness when finding a nice corner, a unique balcony, an ignored decoration

Slammed in the face by that social barriers
Coldness, malignity, avidity, greediness, judgment
One single friendly face in one day

But I’ll continue to fight myself, my feelings
And maybe one day I’ll find another kind of beauty in you…


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