A trip saving my inner being from falling

I’ve realized, I actually love this city
I love getting lost
I love to be alone…
On my own… to be myself without explaining anything to anyone
I love to talk with strangers, and joke, and laugh
I love to listen to others’ conversations in a multitude of languages
I love being the crazy, stupid and childlike myself
I love when I get drunk from one glass of beer
I love spending hours staring at new found buildings
And i love to be drawn in the feeling of NOW

It’s time to widely open my chest and let the air come in
To be the boat led by the wave
And the bird learning to feel  the breeze

And then you don’t feel that lost
Nor that alone
You are just okay with who you are, where you are and when you are…

oh, soul of mine…



Over the fences

Make a step towards the others when you are sure they want your presence
Give a hand to someone in need of you, of anyone, of somebody
Be there where welcomed
Be there when welcomed…

Every day is a lesson for you to remember
Don’t let it escape…


2017-03-19 04.34.23 2.jpg

Every day gives you the chance to find a rhyme for the poem of your life
In the end, this will make you who you are
This is what you’ll remember about yourself
A lot of people will come and go,
A lot of them will appreciate, hate, despise, love, reject, accept you
A lot of them will make you feel unique and special
You’ll understand that the world is huge and there are another 7.462.296.879 people with different stories, maybe more important than yours
7 billions of souls and minds among which you represent another somebody
You, your drama, your thoughts, your emotions lost through billions like them
But isn’t it a miracle to be a cell of this huge organism ?

Move your soul

{dance me to the end of love}:

A slow, harmonic and suave movement of two bodies
One dance giving an independent life to the passion existing in you

No, not that kind of passion
A totally different sensation filling every cell and making the most inner corner of you vibrate
A mind lost in silence
A body flowing with the rhythm
And a soul reaching the intimate beauty

People that sing
People whose voice reach the depths
The ones who wholeheartedly touch the musical instruments
People losing themselves and melting in one dance

They all are special
They pulse of magic…


sagerabelaissoul:    It’s when we become the mask that we lose our way.  gezenbezgin:    ?:

You never accept people in your personal space
Getting to know one another means leaving the other at the door of who you are
You know is temporary
You are a writer and an actor
Decorating your profile on the basis of whom people want to see

This is how we fall in love with phantoms
This is why we get disappointed when we see ourselves in the other’s eyes
And then is when we lose the self in a web of illusory images

Is your understanding of the self valid for the rest of the world?
Is it getting outside the golden cage of yours?