Ceai pe suflet

Chișinău, Valea Morilor, aproape seară
Un șir de idei, existența cărora mi-a fost străină până mai ieri
Un prieten cu ochi plini de drag
Unul din foarte puținii cu care să te avânți într-o plimbare pe interior
Un om a cărui îmbrățisare caldă mi-a rămas întipărită-n piele încă de pe vremea adolescenței
Un dialog, unul  altfel decăt banalul ce mai faci?

Există oameni care folosesc aceleași cuvinte, dar spuse de ei parcă capătă un alt sens

Mulțumesc, tu, copil cu suflet frumos !

Fly, soul of mine

Romanian train

Sunrise in Bucharest
A bus station
A stranger
“I don’t speak English”
Soon I found out he’s a loving husband and father
A shared road
And a small warm dialogue

These kind of moments makes you trust in people with dimples and sincere eyes

Otopeni Airport
Exactly 6 months ago, same place, but a different destination
Madrid, oh love of mine…

Intimate strangers


Have you ever wander how look the people who turn on the light in the room next to yours?
Or who is listening to your steps coming from the ceiling?
Have you ever wander how is to be, on the other side of the wall?

There are people living so close to each other, so intimate, but still without knowing one another

When I’ll have my home I’ll build a huge balcony from which to watch the street flow, the lights playing nearby, the shy lovers kissing at the corner, and imagine how is to get in the stories from within the walls.

And then, from the same balcony, I’ll build up my own fairytale

Undress you

What I’ll miss the most?

I’ll miss the people I never met
Places I never visited
Words I never understood
Names I never remembered
Chances I missed
And invitations I refused

I met Spain through the eyes of 20 years old youngsters with the passion and energy
and then at 24, with a different kind of ardor, one for art, for life and for the simplicity of being
through the wrinkled eyes of elders who learned to share a little of their love even with strangers

I met the Spain seen by people like me, coming from a different background, with different values and understandings
A Italian with Latin rhythm in his blood
A Colombian valuing his traditions
A British not understanding much of the Spanish craziness
A Romanian just adopting to what it is
A German feeling the vibe and moving along it
A Mexican embracing the coldness
A Peruvian missing the savory of the national food

I met a little fragment of what Spain could mean, but one day I’ll return to discover all of it!