Proxima parada: Embajadores
14th of January, late in the night

The doors of the metro open. The typical sound of the escalators going up and down. Look at them and pick the stairs. Clear is the sky, cold is the wind. I hear the beating of my heart. At 3 steps further, 2 iron doors will open and let me into the world of colors.

My fingers softly running on the walls whispering a goodbye.
Steps lead me to the underground. The dear old images, erased and covered by new ones. Though, the smell of cannabis is still there. The dull sounds still reverberate through the walls. The feeling of wonder, harmony and bliss still fills me.

Behind a door, somebody plays on guitar. Loud voices.

A girl smiling at me and making some space to can get in., 
I look at them all, listen and feel their joy of living. The simpleness of being a human.
Pleasure and pain, sorrow, tragedy, ecstasy brought to the limit of existence.

Amazing people. Black deep eyes, sincere smiles, absolute natural beauty and glow, boys and girls, together.
Singing. Expressing every single note through their gestures, emotions, and dance. Eyes telling lots of stories.

Noise. Pleasing noise.
Dialogues. Kisses and warm hugs.

I stay quietly in my corner, observing and falling in love with this world of delight.
People of different ages simply enjoying each other’s company.

A little wine. Some guitars. Some kind hearts. A few voices.
And maybe that could be enough to make your life meaningful.

Last hours of my 22nd year. I am alive, happy, in La Tabacalera, one of the places I carefully gather into my soul, and amongst stranger that in this right moment I feel closer than anybody else.


22 of October

Closing my eyes I  wake up in Madrid, La Tabacalera
One year ago in a rainny day
Dark lonely streets and my tired feet keeping a monoton rhythm
An open door and a gentle light coming from the inside
Music and walls all in colors
Small corridors leading to the underground

Two beautiful black eyes staring at the pictures
Looking at him I have fallen under an inexplicable spell
Admiration and a pure form of human love

From that day he became the perfection I wanted to reach
The chance I felt I had to take to dig deeper into the society I have always been in love with
He was the part of Spain I needed to know, understand and embrace

Beautiful heart of his has proven I was right from the very beginning,
Just from the first sight
A warm feeling and an entire collection of deep thoughts
A special human being to share more than trivialities of everyday life
But, in the end, there is no eternity in things nor permanency in people…

Thank you!

La capitală

Veri aride, uscate
Fierbi în proriu-ți sânge
Clădirile fumurii nu mai fac umbră

Rata de nesimțiți pe metru pătrat e mai înaltă decât oriunde
Și probabilitatea de a te simți extrem de prost e destul de mare
Contactul vizual fiind primul punct de plecare spre o experiență neplăcută

Străzi și gropi
Gropi pe străzi
Case multe, înghesuite
Vile și curți cu suprafața unui parc
Vechea reședintă a lui Ceaușescu
Bulevardul Eliade plin de verde și de clinici, cladiri, magazine care-i poartă numele

Arcul de triumf falnic în mijlocul străzii

GreenSound Festival
Gazonul proaspăt
Gherete cu haine, mâncare
Cu orice ar aduce profit
Muzica sunând tare din difuzoare
Adolescenți trăgând cu poftă din țigări scumpe
Atât de fragezi și atât de iraționali
O generație a tehnologiei
Una cu prea multe defecte și fițe

90 minute de dor, iubire, folclor
Tot atâtea de emoție, nebunie și infinit respect…



Ceai pe suflet

Chișinău, Valea Morilor, aproape seară
Un șir de idei, existența cărora mi-a fost străină până mai ieri
Un prieten cu ochi plini de drag
Unul din foarte puținii cu care să te avânți într-o plimbare pe interior
Un om a cărui îmbrățisare caldă mi-a rămas întipărită-n piele încă de pe vremea adolescenței
Un dialog, unul  altfel decăt banalul ce mai faci?

Există oameni care folosesc aceleași cuvinte, dar spuse de ei parcă capătă un alt sens

Mulțumesc, tu, copil cu suflet frumos !

Fly, soul of mine

Romanian train

Sunrise in Bucharest
A bus station
A stranger
“I don’t speak English”
Soon I found out he’s a loving husband and father
A shared road
And a small warm dialogue

These kind of moments makes you trust in people with dimples and sincere eyes

Otopeni Airport
Exactly 6 months ago, same place, but a different destination
Madrid, oh love of mine…