On this day I learned to fly
But suddenly life cut my wings
Vicalvaro, Madrid. September, 6th 2016.
Metro at midnight, lonely streets and the lonely soul of mine
If only I could return for just a second…
If only I could feel my steps walking on the same roads
If only…

What’s left after a dream comes true?
Ashes and dust
Nostalgia and echoes


First Romanian escape

Cluj-Napoca – Sighisoara

Two Australians waiting for the train
“Are you travelling alone”
“Yes, yes I do, and I love it”
Nice talk, warm goodbye

The jeans jacked reminding me the day trips near Madrid
I found the hills of Aranjuez, the forests of El Escorial, the small streets of Cervantes’ city in its pockets.
A nostalgic smile
A closed door behind

Train sound, heart beating fast
Sichisoara’s small streets warmed by the sun of March
A lot of secret places
A lot of colors
One delightful day to let yourself seduced by the enchanting lullaby of the roads


Once the heart of Latinity
Now, its ruins
The symbol of glory
The perfect mix of styles

Narrow streets, awesome old buildings
Colorful walls, amazing balconies smelling of spring
Quiet Tevere following its path
Beautiful people, words that simply flow gently touching the soul
Italian elegance, Italian guys and Italian food

Rome on two wheels
The happiness in its purest form
Falling in love
Embracing everything with my eyes, my soul and with my whole existence…
And why is it always so hard to leave?

Fly, soul of mine

Romanian train

Sunrise in Bucharest
A bus station
A stranger
“I don’t speak English”
Soon I found out he’s a loving husband and father
A shared road
And a small warm dialogue

These kind of moments makes you trust in people with dimples and sincere eyes

Otopeni Airport
Exactly 6 months ago, same place, but a different destination
Madrid, oh love of mine…

some miles deeper

Today I’ve got a friend, and we forgot to count the steps

The easiest in Barcelona is to get your heart stolen, or your bag.
Or to buy cannabis and to call it decorative flower
To rent a bike and ride beside the sea
To take a moment and listen to the people singing in the streets

To close your eyes and feel
Feel it all!
To enjoy yourself, your existence

It’s so, so easy to fall in love
To simply fall in the arms of the sun, wind, roads, dreams, beauty…



#1: 29376 steps of Barcelona

An early morning
Two red eyes
Hungry of sleep
Hungry of desert

A stranger,
Six hours of incredible changes of the landscape
Barcelona, Catalunya, 17 °C
First date emotions

Barcelona is more than you can ask
Green and blue, colorful in the middle
Elegant, simple, warm, cold, grandiose, diverse
Barcelona is just gorgeous

Boats swaying in the black waters
And Columbus showing the way

Right there was where we find each other
I looked deeply in her eyes
And felt confuse
Am I loving the heights or the depths?

Her welcoming song invited me to get in
Cold sand swallowing my feet
And smooth water caressing them

Amazing full moon perfecting the magic
And the sea sound
Endless divine sound…

Deep in the sea
My thoughts were drowned…