22 of October

Closing my eyes I  wake up in Madrid, La Tabacalera
One year ago in a rainny day
Dark lonely streets and my tired feet keeping a monoton rhythm
An open door and a gentle light coming from the inside
Music and walls all in colors
Small corridors leading to the underground

Two beautiful black eyes staring at the pictures
Looking at him I have fallen under an inexplicable spell
Admiration and a pure form of human love

From that day he became the perfection I wanted to reach
The chance I felt I had to take to dig deeper into the society I have always been in love with
He was the part of Spain I needed to know, understand and embrace

Beautiful heart of his has proven I was right from the very beginning,
Just from the first sight
A warm feeling and an entire collection of deep thoughts
A special human being to share more than trivialities of everyday life
But, in the end, there is no eternity in things nor permanency in people…

Thank you!


Aprilie, 22

“Sweet Child O’ Mine” pus pe repeat


O ploaie la miez de noapte
Pași rătăciți pe străzile pustii

Un călător scriind la lumina felinarului
Un străin care îți devine drag prin însăși prezența lui
Câteva rânduri înșirate atât de ordonat pe hârtie

Sfărșit de 22
În frigul lui aprilie
O promisiune șoptită
Un  zâmbet stupid…