Share emotions

A touch of two bodies
A hug is an embrace of two souls,
An exchange of warmth and kindness
A way to feel the dephs of  the other

There are people that can hug you with all their heart
And there are people, that simply hug you…

I am used to embrace them all  in search of the special ones…

A hugs lover


First Romanian escape

Cluj-Napoca – Sighisoara

Two Australians waiting for the train
“Are you travelling alone”
“Yes, yes I do, and I love it”
Nice talk, warm goodbye

The jeans jacked reminding me the day trips near Madrid
I found the hills of Aranjuez, the forests of El Escorial, the small streets of Cervantes’ city in its pockets.
A nostalgic smile
A closed door behind

Train sound, heart beating fast
Sichisoara’s small streets warmed by the sun of March
A lot of secret places
A lot of colors
One delightful day to let yourself seduced by the enchanting lullaby of the roads

Learn to say YES to life

A totally different way of being adopted for 5 months became a part of what I call me
I didn’t change too much
I still drink a lot of tea at any hour of the day or night
Still love to have candies at breakfast, lunch and dinner
Still act like a child when I am excited or nervous
Still get late to the meetings and wait for the deadline to finish something
I am just as I was before
But something is different

I’ve learned that what separates us from what we dream is just a simple thought
And sometimes is enough to make a step to get there
Or to build your path with patience and faith

I’ve learned that people are amazing beings
With a simple “Hola” you can discover a nice story behind two sparkling eyes

I’ve learned to have courage and to never renounce on my craziness
To grab something sweet and get in a train
To take unknown roads and make them part of a memorable story
To spend time with absolute strangers without thinking of what is to come
To ask a boy out and share some deep thoughts
To fall inlove for seconds and then forget

I’ve learned to be a little happier than before and to have courage,
To let myself moved by the flow and upheld by the wind

Intimate strangers


Have you ever wander how look the people who turn on the light in the room next to yours?
Or who is listening to your steps coming from the ceiling?
Have you ever wander how is to be, on the other side of the wall?

There are people living so close to each other, so intimate, but still without knowing one another

When I’ll have my home I’ll build a huge balcony from which to watch the street flow, the lights playing nearby, the shy lovers kissing at the corner, and imagine how is to get in the stories from within the walls.

And then, from the same balcony, I’ll build up my own fairytale

Night walk

Imagine similară

One beautiful calm night of December
Another type of conversation
One that gets beneath the banality of everyday life
One that goes in to stay for a long time

A wonderful voice breaking even the most dormant hearts
Sweet words caressing the restless minds

A fascinating world in which you are totally absorbed, totally in love with
But you feel you aren’t part of it…

In the end, there are no strangers
They all are friends you did not meet yet

Shortly about Portugal

At the edge of Europe
Under the eternal sun
Washed by the freshness of Mediterranean sea and of the Atlantic Ocean
For centuries proudly stands the Iberian peninsula

A strange combination of old and new, of noise and quietness, of hills and valleys, of land and water.
Potugal is the land of nostalgy and of endless joy
Its unique colors gives you the sense of pure liveness

“I’m afraid I could fall in love with it “