Share emotions

A touch of two bodies
A hug is an embrace of two souls,
An exchange of warmth and kindness
A way to feel the dephs of  the other

There are people that can hug you with all their heart
And there are people, that simply hug you…

I am used to embrace them all  in search of the special ones…

A hugs lover


The day of wait

coffee time: Everyday Objects Turned into Magical Still Lives – Fubiz Media:

Today I am different
Every moment resurrects a new feeling
I look different
I can’t recognize my eyes, they have an unknown bright
Alien color
Is it the coffee?
Is it the wait?

I feel it running through my veins
I feel the insanity of its speed
Like a drug, covering my mind in the fog
Heart beats reaching demented rhythm
I am a moment between the first and the next pulsation
The rest of me is lost in the illusion of the wait