Life turned into a totally different direction
Paralyzed in time, stuck in the same place
the need for an escape
the unwillingness to act

Too many people passing by
to many staying
the most important, leaving

Lost count of days, moments, memories
Lost count of thoughts and emotions




Sometimes you have to feed your heart in order to calm your mind.

A train
A long road
An unknown place where to sit and contemplate the beauty of nature

Then escaping is not a sign of cowardice
Is more a way to empty yourself before confronting your inner chaos

Get to the unknown
Close your eyes and feel the rebirth of stars into the heart


Once the heart of Latinity
Now, its ruins
The symbol of glory
The perfect mix of styles

Narrow streets, awesome old buildings
Colorful walls, amazing balconies smelling of spring
Quiet Tevere following its path
Beautiful people, words that simply flow gently touching the soul
Italian elegance, Italian guys and Italian food

Rome on two wheels
The happiness in its purest form
Falling in love
Embracing everything with my eyes, my soul and with my whole existence…
And why is it always so hard to leave?

Into the shell


Have you ever felt that you don’t want to be a  grown-up

That you want to run in your mom’s arms and cry till there are no tears

And she’ll look at you saying that “It will be alright”

And even if you know it’s not true, you’ll believe her


Or run, run away, at the edge of time,

And close your eyes and fell nothing

Just piece of eternity destroying the material you?


Have you ever felt the wilderness of your body when there is no more soul?