Sometimes you have to feed your heart in order to calm your mind.

A train
A long road
An unknown place where to sit and contemplate the beauty of nature

Then escaping is not a sign of cowardice
Is more a way to empty yourself before confronting your inner chaos

Get to the unknown
Close your eyes and feel the rebirth of stars into the heart



Once the heart of Latinity
Now, its ruins
The symbol of glory
The perfect mix of styles

Narrow streets, awesome old buildings
Colorful walls, amazing balconies smelling of spring
Quiet Tevere following its path
Beautiful people, words that simply flow gently touching the soul
Italian elegance, Italian guys and Italian food

Rome on two wheels
The happiness in its purest form
Falling in love
Embracing everything with my eyes, my soul and with my whole existence…
And why is it always so hard to leave?

Move your soul

{dance me to the end of love}:

A slow, harmonic and suave movement of two bodies
One dance giving an independent life to the passion existing in you

No, not that kind of passion
A totally different sensation filling every cell and making the most inner corner of you vibrate
A mind lost in silence
A body flowing with the rhythm
And a soul reaching the intimate beauty

People that sing
People whose voice reach the depths
The ones who wholeheartedly touch the musical instruments
People losing themselves and melting in one dance

They all are special
They pulse of magic…


One week gone

What I’ve discovered?

It was never easy to return, never easy to get in touch with a past I wanted to erase
Or with people I have never understood

It was much more harder now after realizing my most intimate and profound dream
But I’m here, capable to smile and to embrace life for what it is

One day I went to a theatre
The one I’ve been on my first date
I saw myself a few years ago, excited to keep his hand in mine
To feel his presence in the darkness and to be simply and amazingly happy

I even felt his perfume filling the room
Sweet nostalgia in my heart
A sad, coming beyond the time smile on my face

Streets full of stories
Friendship, love, conflict, fight

I was there, naked
Looking in the deep eyes of my memories
With no more fear, no more sorrow
Just a simple melancholy..

In one week I understood that I can be the girl from Spain
Wherever I am, whoever surrounds me

I can be her…
Tortured by suave curiosity getting me out of the comfort zone
Filled by fresh feeling of liberty of being crazy, childlike, different
Denuded of limitations and anxiety

I am her…

Learn to say YES to life

A totally different way of being adopted for 5 months became a part of what I call me
I didn’t change too much
I still drink a lot of tea at any hour of the day or night
Still love to have candies at breakfast, lunch and dinner
Still act like a child when I am excited or nervous
Still get late to the meetings and wait for the deadline to finish something
I am just as I was before
But something is different

I’ve learned that what separates us from what we dream is just a simple thought
And sometimes is enough to make a step to get there
Or to build your path with patience and faith

I’ve learned that people are amazing beings
With a simple “Hola” you can discover a nice story behind two sparkling eyes

I’ve learned to have courage and to never renounce on my craziness
To grab something sweet and get in a train
To take unknown roads and make them part of a memorable story
To spend time with absolute strangers without thinking of what is to come
To ask a boy out and share some deep thoughts
To fall inlove for seconds and then forget

I’ve learned to be a little happier than before and to have courage,
To let myself moved by the flow and upheld by the wind