sagerabelaissoul:    It’s when we become the mask that we lose our way.  gezenbezgin:    ?:

You never accept people in your personal space
Getting to know one another means leaving the other at the door of who you are
You know is temporary
You are a writer and an actor
Decorating your profile on the basis of whom people want to see

This is how we fall in love with phantoms
This is why we get disappointed when we see ourselves in the other’s eyes
And then is when we lose the self in a web of illusory images

Is your understanding of the self valid for the rest of the world?
Is it getting outside the golden cage of yours?

Eternal search

In the end, we are all the same
Bubbles of dreams, wishes, ideas
Youngsters with desires
Elders with regrets and unfulfilled dreams
Children with no fears
Girls, boys, mothers, sons, fathers, daughters
Whether we eat at 10 pm or at 7
Whether we listen to rock or to classic music
Whether we love, hate, create, destroy, believe, get disappointed

Beneath the implanted ideas and shaped thoughts by an everyday changing society
We are all the same, people in search of a definition for our existence

“who you are when nobody’s watching”


Loneliness is beautiful

It makes easier to lunch yourself in imaginary adventures

Spreading fears, regrets and attachments

Building bridges between what others see and the real you

But what happens when it becomes a feeling?

What if there is no other human being to feel fully open with

Fully yourself?

What if there is no one to share something more then a “hi” and a “goodbye”?