Share emotions

A touch of two bodies
A hug is an embrace of two souls,
An exchange of warmth and kindness
A way to feel the dephs of  the other

There are people that can hug you with all their heart
And there are people, that simply hug you…

I am used to embrace them all  in search of the special ones…

A hugs lover




Maybe one day I will meet you

Maybe I will look into your eyes and I’ll understand that it’s you

You, the one that will make me find myself

You, the one to love, and cherish, and keep in my arms for decades

You, the one to hold my hand and travel around our souls

You, the one to move along and fight the challenges of life

You, the one my son will call Father

You, the one for whom to grow and get old

And maybe I will never find you
And maybe lifelong love won’t be ever known by my naive heart…