Life turned into a totally different direction
Paralyzed in time, stuck in the same place
the need for an escape
the unwillingness to act

Too many people passing by
to many staying
the most important, leaving

Lost count of days, moments, memories
Lost count of thoughts and emotions


Dear life, give me a little more time


See the sea
ah…to close my eyes and feel the enderment of the wind
sand in my shoes
and infinite love in my heart

Today my soul turned  4

Thank you, life, for one more year
Thank you, people, for being part of it
Thank you mom and dad for the most beautiful present, a beating heart!

#1: 29376 steps of Barcelona

An early morning
Two red eyes
Hungry of sleep
Hungry of desert

A stranger,
Six hours of incredible changes of the landscape
Barcelona, Catalunya, 17 °C
First date emotions

Barcelona is more than you can ask
Green and blue, colorful in the middle
Elegant, simple, warm, cold, grandiose, diverse
Barcelona is just gorgeous

Boats swaying in the black waters
And Columbus showing the way

Right there was where we find each other
I looked deeply in her eyes
And felt confuse
Am I loving the heights or the depths?

Her welcoming song invited me to get in
Cold sand swallowing my feet
And smooth water caressing them

Amazing full moon perfecting the magic
And the sea sound
Endless divine sound…

Deep in the sea
My thoughts were drowned…

The day of wait

coffee time: Everyday Objects Turned into Magical Still Lives – Fubiz Media:

Today I am different
Every moment resurrects a new feeling
I look different
I can’t recognize my eyes, they have an unknown bright
Alien color
Is it the coffee?
Is it the wait?

I feel it running through my veins
I feel the insanity of its speed
Like a drug, covering my mind in the fog
Heart beats reaching demented rhythm
I am a moment between the first and the next pulsation
The rest of me is lost in the illusion of the wait